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5 Technologies for Future Homes in Columbus, OH

Columbus is no stranger to futuristic technology. As the home to one of the first supercomputers and leading the “cutting edge” with Fortune 500 companies, the city has long held its reputation as a technological center. And with innovation playing a part of the city’s culture, homes are now gaining their share of futuristic designs. If you’ve ever been interested in what homes will be like in the future, read what’s in store:


1. Smart Thermostats

Adjusting a home’s temperature based on the family’s schedule and lifestyle is here in “smart thermostats.” Smart thermostats look sleek on the wall and is designed to operate on sensitive weather changing sensors, cloud computing, and programmed algorithms. With stored data on a family’s use of air conditioning and heat, a smart thermostat will adjust the temperature automatically. If you’re in the habit of turning your thermostat at varying temperatures throughout the day, soon the smart thermostat will perform that task when you are home or when you are away. If you are away from home the smart thermostat can be programmed manually to “sleep” at the same temperature until you return home and “wake it up.” The smart thermostat is monitored via mobile apps, computers, and tablets.

2. Adjustable Lighting

Energy saving lighting is still being updated. First we had to change to LED lighting to save on energy usage and costs. Now, we have specialized hardware that will adjust light switches to come on when automatically programmed, through apps, rather than manually programmed outlet devices. Also, no longer does a Columbus homeowner need to fumble in the dark to find a light switch. Modern innovation has created a lighting switch system, which comes on automatically when you enter a room and turns itself off, when you depart. This type of lighting technology saves on energy bills and gives Columbus homeowner’s a better sense of security.

3. Advanced Toilets

Columbus OH Toilets
by David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Toilet flushing technology saves money and keeps your Columbus home eco-green and energy efficient. Less water, yet a quality flush, is incorporated in new technologically designed toilets where a dual trap system uses an air-transfer valve for pressurization, requiring less water to flush. No longer is water filling the tank after a flush, instead, air is now the replacement factor – amazing!

4. Color-Changing Roofing Tiles

New home roofing tiles are manufactured with the ability to reflect 40% of the sun’s light. The tiles are made from a reflective coating, which reduces the roofing temperature and lowers indoor energy costs. The tiles are solar reflective asphalt, with advanced granules that deflect the rays of the sun. The tiles are available in varying colors and qualified to meet the Columbus Energy Star qualifications. Still in development are color-changing roof tiles. MIT researchers have created roofing tiles that can turn white when it’s hot (to deflect heat) and turn black when it’s cold (to absorb heat).

Living in the Columbus, OH Area

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