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6 Things Your Listing Agent Won’t Tell You

Columbus-area agents will often suggest to sellers to “get rid of the clutter” and to consider “home staging” to help to sell a property. However, there are other things that you won’t commonly hear from sellers agents. Some things aren’t mentioned because they have a tendency to sound rude. Other ideas are held back because it might not be in the agent’s own interests to divulge them. Here are some things that your agent might not tell you:

Photo by, Martin Cathrae
Photo by, Martin Cathrae

1. Forget Those Air Fresheners

For many an agent, it seems like an almost reflexive move to suggest that the homeowner get those plug-in air fresheners running everywhere. The reality is, they really don’t help that much. In some instances, they can even hurt your cause. Consider this issue from the buyer’s perspective. They walk into your home and they’re greeted by a strong, unnatural scent. What will they think? It’s possible that they’ll believe that you’re trying to cover up an odor problem. It’s often better to simply bake some cookies to create a pleasant and natural fragrance in your home.

2. Show Your Home With 15-minutes Notice? Sure!

A last minute request from a potential buyer might seem to counter the agent’s admonition to keep your home in perfect shape. With no time to clean up for a last-minute showing, a little messiness will be inevitable. Don’t fret over it. This type of buyer may be quite impulsive. Why not agree to their request? The impulsive buyer might decide to buy your home.

3. Empty Houses Don’t Seem Bigger

Regardless of what some sellers agents may say, houses lacking furniture don’t look larger. Furniture will invariably help a potential buyer to gain some perspective on how their furniture will fit. Furnished homes help potential buyers to better imagine what it would be like to live there. A fully furnished home will also appear that much more warm and inviting.

4. Beware of an Overstated Home Value

In Columbus, and in every real estate market, there is the occasional agent who is too desperate to get a listing. Such an agent will often not rely on a comparative market analysis (CMA) to establish a proper asking price. Most agents closely follow the CMA, because it provides vital data about recent sales of similar homes in your Columbus neighborhood. An agent who suggests a much higher asking price may make the seller feel good about his or her home, but if your property is overpriced, buyers will bypass it in favor of realistically-priced homes. Beware of an agent trying to “buy your listing” with an extravagant price evaluation.

5. Clean Countertops Are Good Countertops

Clean off those countertops in the bathroom and the kitchen to display all of the available. Once again, imagine if you were the prospective buyer. First, do you really want to walk into a stranger’s bathroom and see their personal items scattered about? Second, do you really want to conceal counter space under intricately folded towels? Show off the surface space you have.

6. Cut the Neighbor’s Lawn

Don’t be an unfortunate victim of a neighbor who doesn’t consistently care for their lawn. Ironically, the more perfect your lawn appears, the more attention the neighbor’s ragged grass may garner. Curb appeal is important as it is the first impression of your home and the neighborhood, so take it seriously.



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