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Are Open Houses Still Relevant In and Around Columbus?

Buyers in and around Columbus use the internet over 90 percent of the time for their home search. Since so much of the home search process is conducted online nowadays, the idea of having an open house oftentimes gets left up in the air. Is it still an important step in the selling process? You will find that, despite the convenience of the Internet, a good open house can seal the deal just as well as it used to.

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An Open House Is A Great Marketing Tool

Pictures and videos on the Internet can be a great introduction to a property, but the open house or home visit is still the end all be all. An open house gives the seller a chance to really show off the detailed carvings in the woodwork and the other things about the house that are not as easy to see online. An open house also provides buyers a chance to browse through your home without the pressure of a scheduled visit. Open houses present ample opportunity to gain attention about a wonderful property from both buyers and agents walking through.

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Don’t Make These Open House Mistakes

The best way to maximize your open house is to avoid making some of the more common mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is to allow your pets to stay home while the open house is going on, along with yourselves. Not everyone loves dogs or cats, and you can alienate a potential buyer if you do not clear the family pets out prior to showing your home. Same goes for yourself and your family, there is absolutely no reason you should be in your home during the open house. Your real estate agent is the best host for the event since they can handle and field all questions without bias.

Avoid these easy-to-make open house mistakes:

  • Leaving the house dirty, disorganized and cluttered.
  • Not mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard.
  • Not removing political, hyper religious or extremely personal items from the walls and shelves.
  • Being home for your open house instead of leaving it to your agent.

How To Pull Off A Great Open House

A good open house is advertised in both print and online venues. When you are planning an open house, make sure your neighbors are well aware of the event in order for them to be aware about the street traffic. It may inspire them to have their yard looking great that day as well.

Get Creative

If you want people to have a positive first impression of your house, then be creative when you are showing it. Put a fresh plate of cookies near the entrance so that is the first scent people associate with your home. If it is the summertime, then the air conditioning needs to be a bit higher than usual to accommodate everyone walking through your home. In the winter, make sure your fireplace is lit and well tended in order to promote the cozy atmosphere of your living spaces.

A good open house is essential to selling your property. When you take the time to make a strong first impression on potential buyers, then it becomes difficult for those buyers to resist your home. Always follow the time-honored tips for creating an effective open house and get a little creative to really make your house irresistible. For more information on selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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