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Black Friday Real Estate Deals in New Albany, OH

As fall quickly approaches, so does the anticipation about Thanksgiving turkey, your grandmother’s secret ingredient stuffing, your mother’s warm apple pie, and the great Black Friday deals that await you the next day. During Black Friday, you can get great deals on home goods, Christmas gifts, and if you are a buyer looking for a home, even houses.

As it turns out, Black Friday might also be a good time to get a great price on a new home. Many sellers offer many buyer incentives during Black Friday, such as lower asking prices or “thrown in” extras such as washer and dryers. Here’s more details on possible real estate deals you can find on Black Friday around New Albany, OH:

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Lower Asking Prices

According to a survey conducted by, 40.1% of Realtors strongly believe that sellers would be more likely to accept a deal during Black Friday. Sellers who keep their homes on the market during the winter months find that there is usually a decrease in the number of buyers during this time. Since home buyer traffic is so low during the winter months, it is not at all uncommon to see some sellers slash their asking prices by up to $10,000. So, this would be a great time for home buyers searching out a great deal in real estate to make a great impact.

Added Home Additions

It is also not unusual for sellers to throw in extra added incentives during the winter months to convince you to close a deal with them. Some of these incentives may include items such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, televisions, home theater packages, and more.

Lower Property Taxes

Another great incentive for purchasing a home during Black Friday is reduced property taxes. If you are lucky enough to score the home of your dreams at a lower price, you can rest assure that the lower price you paid will net you lower property taxes, as well.

Discounts on Closing Costs and Buyer’s Fees

It is not uncommon during the Holidays for lenders or sellers to be in the “holiday spirit” and throw in discounted closing costs and buyers fees as an extra incentive.

Finding Black Friday Real Estate Deals

Black Friday Real Estate deals are the deals that keep giving. If you’d like to see what deals are being offered in your area this holiday, contact us or search our available listings:

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