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Clear the Clutter & Sell Your Columbus Home

Competition is always fierce in real estate. There are dozens of homes for sale, some at lower price points and others in better condition. But one thing that always helps sell your home in the Columbus, OH area is getting rid of your clutter. Disorganized shelves and junk piling up in the closet are not selling points. Buyers want to imagine themselves living there — and with lots of things getting in their way, it’s hard to do that. A home stager may be able to make your home appealing, but if you are looking for something “do-it-yourself,” try implementing some of these de-cluttering techniques:

Home Clutter in Columbus OH
by Tamar Schechner

Addressing Clutter by Room

  • Entryway — Remove any shoes, coats, umbrellas, and other outdoor items laying around the entryway. Create an open, welcoming path for potential buyers.
  • Kitchen Counters — Clear off everything but the essentials from your countertops. Instead, decorate the kitchen with bowls of fruit. Also, don’t forget to clean off the kitchen door (magnets, school drawings, etc). Help buyers imagine themselves and not your family.
  • Bedrooms — Make the beds and pick up any clothes or toys that may be lying on the floor. Keep it as organized as possible, but don’t simply stuff junk into the closet, since buyers will be looking at that space too.
  • Bathrooms — Hide your personal hygiene products (and take them off the sink’s counter), as buyers are not interested in your personal life. Let them see the bathroom for what it is. You can even add fresh soaps, towels, and flowers to help with the room’s appeal.
  • Garage — Any equipment that is piled into a corner should get organized. Racks and workbenches are great places to properly place outdoor equipment. Have a special place for bicycles and other sporting stuff. All in all, remember you want to highlight the space. If things are cluttered around, they won’t be able to see that space.

Selling Your Home in the Columbus Area

Keeping your home free of unnecessary clutter is one of the principal means to show potential buyers the beauty of the property. Clearing out old domestic clutter and seasonal debris will help you attain that all-desirable home appeal. Make the right impression and sell your home for top dollar. If you’d like to learn more about selling your home, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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