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Sell Your Home Before Buyers Walk Through the Door

First impressions are extremely important, and that is especially true when it comes to selling your home. Any realtor will tell you that curb appeal is incredibly important to potential buyers. It’s the part of your house that is regularly seen by potential buyers, neighbors and passersby. Having a beautiful and appealing exterior can instantly make any potential buyer fall in love with your home. If you want to amaze your potential buyers with a great first impression, follow these steps. If you do a thorough job, you may sell your buyer before they walk in the door! 

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Exterior Paint

A fresh coat of paint can make anything look fresh and new, and your home’s exterior is no exception. If something that can be painted looks faded or peeling, sand off that old paint and give it a fresh coat. Bright and fresh paint is more appealing to potential home buyers, and it makes your house stand out from other houses on your block.

At the very least, a freshly painted door can do wonders for a house’s appearance. Since it’s the part of the exterior that is most commonly seen up close, it’s especially important to keep the door looking fresh and clean.


Colorful and vibrant plants can instantly brighten up any porch. Flowers in particular add not only beautiful colors but also sweet and appealing smells to your porch and yard. However, ensure the plants don’t seem to be cluttering up the porch as it may make the porch seem smaller than it really is.

Repairs and Replacements

There are several small parts of the yard and exterior of the home that get rusty, filthy or broken with age and abuse from the weather that may need repairs or replacement. Some key points to check would be the doorbell, the address numbers, doorknob, deadbolt, hinges, mailbox and any outdoor lighting systems. If you don’t have a doorbell or outdoor lighting, install them. Even seemingly small additions can make a world of difference.

Remove Yard Clutter

Toys, bicycles, yard equipment and more should all be put into storage when you’re trying to sell your home. Having clutter in the yard not only makes it difficult for the home owners to imagine themselves living in the house but it also makes the homeowners look messy and uncaring of the condition of their home.

It’s Never Too Clean

Cleanliness both inside and outside of the home conveys the message that you deeply care about the condition of your home and that you haven’t done anything to abuse it in the past. Walkways should be cleared of leaves and debris. If possible, the walkway should also be cleaned with a power washer. The yard should be raked, and any overgrown bushes and trees should be trimmed. The inside and outside of the windows should be cleaned to give them a noticeable shine in the sunlight. If it can be cleaned or organized, it’s better to clean it.

When preparing the exterior of your home for potential buyers, focus on making it so clean and beautiful that anyone would be proud to say that they live there. Fixing up the exterior to impress potential buyers doesn’t have to be a huge problem or chore. A few simple changes and improvements can make a huge difference to any home.

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