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Fountainside: Ispy My Imagination in Columbus, OH

Come and join in the festivities “Fountainside: The happenings begin on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 11:30am lasting until 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon. Bring your friends and family members, especially the kids for this outdoor extravaganza of fun and games! This summer event is what “splashing into activities for children” is all about this year. Sponsored by American Electric Power and Sunny 95, this totally FREE event welcomes families and especially their children. Come and experience activities for the little ones with mouth-watering frozen treats, on hand, to cool everyone off; by the end of the fun-packed day.

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What Are Some of the Summer Activities for Children?

If you or your children have never experienced the fun of fountain-side water activities, this is the summer to find and enjoy them. The Fountainside of Scioto Mile (Fountain) is a great fun and a clean place to let your children’s run, jump, and skip alongside the water for a splish-splashy outdoor escape into summer recreation. Summer this year in Ohio may get hot & humid, so American Electric Power and Sunny 95 radio are offering a day of free children’s activities to cool off and retreat. Everyone wants to begin the summer with lots of fond memories and the best way to start is to load it up with lots of activities for children! There will be activities to show-off their “inner-engineer,” and to learn while building with the “Bricks 4 Kidz program.” This is a great way for children to find out about engineering and architecture using “real” LEGO building Bricks.

How Do Children Stay Interested and Learn in The Summer Sun?

This activities’ “party” platform enthuses, children of all ages, about the wonders of architecture and how buildings are developed. With simple steps designed by professional engineers and architects with fun themes and colorful building materials, this activity easily relates the beauty of space, construction and/or amusement parks to kids. Magic Mountain [Six Flags Park] will also entertain you and your children as the summer activities heighten around the Fountainside! This amusement park’s theme will be used to extend the learning experience about “Bricks 4 Kidz,” and how fun it is to learn to construct structures of fun and play for everyone to enjoy! Kids get a front row seat when exploring the exciting world of COSI, previously the “Center of Science and Industry,” and now a Science Museum located in Columbus, Ohio.

Are Children Going to Learn about Healthy Food Groups?

Children get hands-on experience with science and the delightful world of the mysterious workings of its wonderment. With some knowledge of science, everyone can benefit because of the creative ways it enhances life. Science makes life easier to understand once inter-active learning demonstrates its fundamental design throughout nature and in the world! Kids will have a chance to find fun and creativity in “healthy food,” and the opportunity to extract some “local honey” with the Central Ohio Beekeeper’s Association. Afterwards, there will be more ways to “beat the heat” and have added summer fun with Lowe’s “How to Grow” station. Fountainside fun is going to set the stage for fun and attractions, in Ohio, the whole summer long. After joining this totally free activity day, you and your family will have more chances to find out how to independently spend the rest of the summer.

For more information about the event, visit their website: click here.

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