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A Timeline for Selling Your Home

The selling process is never the exactly the same from one home or region to another, but the general timeline of the process does remain the same. From finding an agent to listing to closing, these processes can be broken down to a real estate science, but more importantly to sellers, they can be broken down into a timeline. With Spring upon us, prepare yourself before you list by understanding the seller timeline. 

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1. Preparing Your Home

It is so important for you to have an inspection done on your home before you list. This way any large issues can be dealt with prior to listing. You should also prepare your home through extensive de-cluttering and removing personal items from each room as much as possible.

2. Deciding When to Sell

Regularly the spring selling season has been the best time to make home available. It’s a period of fresh starts and the more pleasant climate gets individuals out of the house. Additionally for families with kids, they by and large like to move before school begins, particularly if moving to a new neighborhood. If a house is evaluated and promoted right, it will sell regardless of what the season, or state of the market.

3. Placing Your Home on The Market

Over ninety percent of home buyers today utilize the Internet to search for homes. Offline and online resources are used in unison, but the majority of home searches is still online. After placing your home on the market, your real estate agent will create a marketing plan for the home that encompasses both online and offline options for marketing your home. Still, there is no doubt that your home will get the most exposure by being adequately promoted on the web.

4. Closing Time

Remember that at least one week before closing you will need to either shut off or transfer your utilities. The closing begins only after the purchase agreement has been accepted, the inspection has passed and the buyers have had their final walk through. 

5. The Documentation

The sum of your paperwork will be with your agent when you go in for your closing arrangement. You have a right to verify your paperwork ahead of time of this gathering, but make sure to have everything in a written and signed document in order to avoid any possible pitfalls. Even though selling a house may take longer than you think, never get discouraged about putting you Columbus, OH house on the market.

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