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How to Cut Your Electric Bill Painlessly

The cost of energy continues to climb and can be particularly prohibitive during the summer and winter seasons. Energy bills for those living in the Columbus area can easily triple during peak times. However, consumers can lower their energy costs through simple, persistent modifications. Here’s how:

Adjusting Lighting and Air-Conditioning

Nest Smart Thermostat
by Nest

Home technology has continued to innovate the way we live and save us money at the same time. Having useful household tools like the NEST thermostat and adjustable lighting can help you save on your electric bill. If installing these household items is too much to handle, try some more simple measures. Be mindful of your usage between lights. Utilize natural light if possible. Setting the air condition temperatures 2 to 3 degrees higher during the summer and 2 to 3 degrees lower during the winter will also significantly impact energy savings during weather extremes. Try adjusting for maximum savings.

Unplug Your Devices

Many people underestimate the potential savings available to those who consistently unplug electrical devices. There are many devices throughout the home that regularly drain energy while not in use. These things include microwave ovens, alarm clocks, lamps, cable boxes, and more. Many of these items can be unplugged throughout the night and during the day as most people work. Actual usage time may only amount to a few hours per day at best.

Digital clocks can be replaced by battery operated clocks. Smart phones can double as alarm clocks. A fully charged laptop computer can function for several hours on its battery. Opting to use the battery for brief usage periods can add to savings. Rechargeable razors, vacuum cleaners, and battery packs should also be unplugged after use.

Check Your Appliances

Columbus Home Appliances
by Debbie Evans,RID

Refrigerators consume an enormous amount of energy and can be very taxing on those who desire to cut energy costs. Improperly sealed doors, dirty coils, and empty refrigerators cause cooling systems to work harder. Therefore, it is important to ensure all doors are sealed properly. Many people never check coils for cleanliness. They quickly collect an enormous amount of dust and may cause the refrigerator to operate poorly. Regular cleaning ensures optimum performance.

Manufactures also suggest keeping the refrigerator 75 per cent full at all times, if possible. Research has shown that a full or near full refrigerator runs more efficiently than a refrigerator that is empty. It is also important to follow manufacturer recommendations for temperature settings to receive ideal energy savings. Lastly, dishwashers can also consume significant energy. Professionals suggest running dishwashers when completely full and allowing the load to air dry once the cycle is complete.

Saving Money in the Columbus Area

Though not an exhaustive list, regular adherence to these energy savings tips will significantly lower energy bills and save hundreds of dollars each year. If you’d like to hear more tips on cutting your electric bill or possibly moving to a more energy efficient home, contact us today! You can also search our current available listings:

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