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How to Host an Effortless End of Summer Party

4th of July Picnic Table - Hot DogsWith Labor Day just around the corner, it is the perfect excuse to gather your friends for one last summer bash. With these easy to follow tips, you and your guests will be sure to have an enjoyable end of summer party.


  • Send Out Invitations


There are a few things that we feel are necessary to address in an invitation: attire and what they should bring. Everyone, or maybe just the women, always want to know what to wear. To avoid the dozens of phone calls and texts, address what they should wear in the invitation. Also, every guest wants to help and bring something, so let them know what to  bring in the invitation. Use this to your advantage because if you can get your guests to bring food you were planning on making, you will have less stress the day of the party.


  • Have Enough Seating


If you only have six outdoor chair and 30 guests, no need to worry because there is a simple solution. Don’t be afraid to bring some of your dining chairs from the inside of your home out to accommodate the bigger crowd.  If your party is more casual you can use poufs as seating as well as lay out some blankets out for more of a picnic style.


  • Keep the Mosquitoes Away


There is nothing that is more bothersome to your guests than getting attacked by mosquitoes. You can simply solve this issue by setting out some mosquito repelling candles and having bug spray readily available for your guests. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, so try to remove standing water anywhere in your backyard before the day of your party


  • Master the Music


Set the music to a lower volume that guests can still hear, but it will not be blasting in their ears. If you can’t decide what music to play at your party, stick with the classics such as the Beatles or the Beach Boys. You can also mix in some newer music so it will appeal to any age group.


  • Keep Your Guests Cool


Just because it is the end of summer does not mean it will not be hot, so be sure to plan accordingly. A tip from Real Simple that we love is buying some inexpensive washcloths and rolling them up then placing the washcloths in a cooler with ice water that guests can grab.

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