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How to Spring for a Clean Closet!

Columbus Ohio Homes for SaleSelling your home successfully is all about showcasing your home the right way. The bottom line is you want the buyers to feel like they can slip right into your home with room to spare. As a result, storage areas need to be tidy and show extra space. Follow our simple tips below in order to prepare your home to sell. 

Catch and Release

Many times the closet is a place where you pile in your belongings in case you ever need them again. Items that are not used for months and years find their way into closets where they simply take up space and nothing more. Take everything out of the closet and make the difficult decision what to keep and what to release. If you haven’t used it in a few years, it might be time to let it go. Sell those items to a consignment shop or have a yard sale. Once you put the items back in the closet you will have much more room to work with.

Maximize on Empty Space

The closet is full of space you not currently utilizing. The back of the closet door and empty walls are perfect locations to install hooks or towel bars.  There are several aesthetically pleasing options for closet hardware. For a nice touch try to match any hooks or bars to the existing hardware in the attached room.

Light it Up!

Lighting in the closet is a unique feature many potential buyers will appreciate. The lighting helps to better find and organize items quickly. Regardless of whether or not the closet is equipped to install lighting, you can purchase battery operated lighting from the hardware store for a minimal cost. These lights easily screw into the wall or be attached to individual shelves in order to provide light for dimly lit deep shelves.

Group and Gather

Use baskets and smaller shelving to gather like items together. Stack-able baskets are perfect for storing smaller items and reduce the appearance of clutter quickly. Stack-able show racks help to get all those pairs of shoes off the floor and give the closet a spacious feel. Keeping the belts, shoes, and hats all in the same areas also give the room a more organized look. This is what you want a potential buyer to see when they open the closet door.

Add More Shelving

Usually the ceiling in the closet is as high as in the room. Many closets however have one top shelve to store belongings. There is usually plenty of space above that shelve to add another higher shelve. Although that shelf might be difficult to reach, it will help to eliminate much of that clutter and give the entire closet a feel of more space. Another option is adding hanging rods instead of extra shelving. Even better if the bars are removable or can be hung at different levels which provides a level of customization.

These organization techniques are not that costly, however they will return much more in value when your potential buyers take notice of the space in your home. The more organized those closets, the more easily a buyer can see themselves adding all of their items without any issues.

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