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How to Sell the Lifestyle in Your Community

Selling a home is more than clearing your clutter and letting incoming buyers know the simple details. If you are a member of any community, neighborhood, school system, etc. then you need to also express why you have chosen that area as your home. Selling a lifestyle is much more successful than simply selling a home. If you allow the incoming buyers to imagine their home within the walls of their home as well as outside in the community, then they are more likely to associate with your property. Westerville, OH outside of Columbus is a perfect example of a community that is primed for selling a lifestyle. See how we use Westerville to sell the lifestyle in and outside of your home: 


Staging the Property to Highlight the Area

Whether the property is a downtown condominium or one located in a golf community, the proximity to Columbus’ excellent amenities reflects Westerville’s relaxing lifestyle. Westerville has a full calendar of events such as cultural celebrations, club benefit dinners, historic celebrations, concerts and hosts of park activities. If the home is located in the downtown area, having a few bikes strategically placed in a convenient outside location may lean a biker’s eye towards imagining a quick ride through one of the many local parks in the area such as Sharon Woods Metro Park.

When staging a home for sale, be sure to exhibit the local calendar of events of this active community. If the home is in a golf community, organize the garage area to highlight golf equipment. Hanging golf bags in clear view or a designated space for the golf cart is a great way to get the idea into the buyer’s mind that this is an active golfing community.

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Local Tips and Tricks

Consider staging the interior of your home to highlight local art purchased from one of the many quaint shops in the downtown area is another great place to start. Antiques purchased from Westerville Antiques and Collectibles or a piece from Amish Originals highlights one of the many local area shops found in Westerville. Menus from the many superb dining establishments located in historic downtown area are an excellent way to allow potential buyers to explore the many dining opportunities available in the community. Simply leave a small assortment in the kitchen or on the entryway table.

Seller Incentives

Being creative with incentives is always a positive approach to a quick sale. Throw in the golf cart as an incentive when selling in the golf community or offer a year membership to the golf club. Both are fantastic ways to allow buyers to feel welcome and already involved.

Named by Forbes Magazine as the friendliest town in the nation, the easy lifestyle of Westerville is a strong selling factor. Marketing your property as such by using a few special techniques such as displaying local art, highlighting sporting equipment and having access to calendars and brochures of events in the area will give the potential buyer the feeling of a strong active community. Becoming a part of the Westerville lifestyle may be too good to pass up. If you need more tips on selling your community’s lifestyle, whether it be Westerville or another area surrounding Columbus, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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