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Mix Up Your Halloween Decor This Year

Although Buckeye football is one of the biggest ongoing events every October in Columbus, preparing your home for Halloween is typically another big event families here look forward to each Fall. And although there are seldom entire neighborhoods that band together to put out a whole set of extraordinary decorations as they sometimes do on Christmas, the last few years have seen a resurgence in special Halloween projects designed to make your home one of the scariest places trick or treaters can visit. So join in on the fun and get creative this year!

Halloween Decorations
Photo by Sarah Ackerman

Think Disney

One of the biggest design challenges for people decorating their homes is to try and remain age appropriate for everyone without scaring small children too much. Using Disney or other kid friendly themes as a models for decor. Pumpkins carved into the shapes of Minnie and Mickie Mouse or scarecrows dressed as the characters are both easy ways to work Disney themes into the evening’s decorations.

Scares of Creativity

In order to set the scene or only decorate a specific part of your home, use solid color sheets in either a neutral or dark tone to partition off your entry area and then fill it with Halloween decorations. When your visitors arrive and you open the door, they will only see the scene that you have created for them. Check out websites such as Apartment Therapy and Pinterest Halloween boards for a ton of creative ideas to set your home’s trick-or-treat experience apart.

Special Effects

Adding spooky sounds to the visual decor is a great option. Many large retailers carry Halloween soundtracks filled with spooky sounds. Consider also burning scented candles in your pumpkins to add a little autumnal flair to the mix. Kids of all ages love a spooky fog that pours out of the walkway or porch or home that they are visiting. It is therefore nice to find out that you can actually create fog quite easily. If you go to the grocery store and purchase some dry ice on Halloween, you can add the dry ice to hot water and it will create a pure water fog that can take over a room or porch within minutes.

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