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New Year Resolutions for Your Home

At this time of the year, it seems everyone is making plans to develop better habits in the new year. If you want to make positive changes in your life that can positively affect your future as well as your present, consider making some resolutions to help you become a better homeowner. Being a responsible homeowner requires attention to certain details that you may not have considered when making your purchase. Consider these ideas as resolutions for your new year:

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1. Get Fit with Home Improvement

While others are working up a sweat at the gym this January, build muscle and burn fat while taking care of your home. You’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn doing basic home maintenance. Weatherproof your home and burn about 280 calories an hour while caulking windows and doors. Cut your own firewood and burn around 340 calories an hour. The list goes on.

2. Use Low-Maintenance Materials for Home Projects

Every home will begin to show signs of wear after a period of time. Some materials, however, age better than others. While you’re working out and doing those home improvement projects, use materials that will last. Minimize the need to replace light bulbs by using LED bulbs in place of incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Add value to your home and decrease maintenance costs by installing ceramic tile on floors, back splashes and other places.

3. Reduce Your Energy Costs

Heating and cooling can suck energy and cause utility bills to skyrocket. Make sure that your system is up-to-date. Replacing an old furnace or air-conditioning unit can save hundreds in utility costs each year. If you don’t wish to replace your current system, make sure that it is properly maintained and insulated for maximum efficiency.

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4. Improve Air Quality

Air quality can have a profound effect on health. Improve the air quality in your home by actively eliminating contaminants. Vacuum frequently using a unit equipped with a HEPA filter, especially if you have pets. Use a portable air filtration unit in individual rooms to improve air quality. Use ventilation systems in the kitchen, utility room and baths to eliminate cooking fumes and excess humidity.

5. De-Clutter & Get Organized

You deserve to be comfortable in your home, and you’d probably like to be able to host guests without apologizing constantly for the state of affairs in your house. Get organized and de-clutter in the new year. A lot of times, messy homes are the result of not enough storage space. Resolve the issue by purchasing free-standing shelves or closets. Install new cabinets and drawers in kitchens and baths. For inexpensive storage space, purchase shoe organizers or other plastic containers to organize items on closet doors and under beds.

Start the New Year with Your Home Resolutions

The new year is full of potential. Whether you’re a new homeowner or an experienced real estate investor, chances are you could stand to develop some new, positive habits for maintaining your personal residence. Try some of these ideas on for size.

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