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Outside Toys that are Perfect for the Summer & the House

It isn’t rare to see children playing on their iPad or teenagers fiddling with their smartphones. With today’s technology, it seems like we’re always busy doing something online or on a device. We do it so much we often forget to enjoy the outdoors during the warm, summer months. For some parents, you might even be looking for new toys and gadgets that will give them the same entertainment as a mobile device, yet get them active in the outdoors as well. Below, we’ve compiled a short list of some interesting toys that are perfect for the summer and perfect for some backyard fun!

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies:

The historic 1900 two-way portable radio is back for kids in the form of the “Walkie Talkies.” This toy allows kids, teens, and maybe even parents to communicate with each other from up to 200 feet. They are made of sturdy, safe plastic with a battery saving automatic shut-off feature. Many are water resistant and provide clean air wave communication. Walkie Talkies are available in different colors, designs, cartoon/movie characters, and sizes. These hand held devices can be taken to the Goodale Park, the Columbus Zoo, on a boat, and camping.

Teeter Ball:

Small children will love this bouncy, rocking, and spinning toy. The Teeter Ball is colorfully designed with handle bars for kids to hold onto as they hop up and down (or go spinning around). The fun feature is a ball track built into the middle of the Teeter toy. Teeter Ball technology allows this indoor and outdoor toy to remain balanced on the ground so that there are no injuries or falls to worry about.


The classic scooters are back with all new technology. Modern scooters are designed with safety for teens and children 5 years of age and older. Today’s scooters are called Kick ‘N Go and they feature a propulsion lever that helps them keep moving (instead of all that constant kicking). The scooters maintain a high rate of speed while enabling children to keep their balance, even on tight turns. After the children engage the propulsion lever, their feet no longer needs to touch the ground until it is time to stop.

Lemonade Stand:

Children have been selling lemonade for over 50 years and now toy manufacturers make it easier with a sturdy, colorful, ready made “Lemonade Stand.” The stand is 6 feet tall, has sturdy legs, and over 40 decorative stickers that show inviting lemonade icons. Not only will this keep your kids busy but it will peak their entrepreneurial spirit. The best feature of a Lemonade Stand is the participation of parents who can oversee making the delicious lemonade. There are different versions for this fascinating toy. The wooden versions feature an overhead awning and shelves in the front for holding various items, such as lemons.

Bubble Rocket:

Children ages 5 and up will love watching big bubbles shoot up in the air around the neighborhoods of Columbus. The Bubble Rocket kit features a safe plastic rocket, a launch/stomp pad, and bubble solution that serves as the rocket fuel. A safe bubble solution is poured into the launch pad container that has been placed on the launcher. Children use their stomping foot power to send the bubble rocket high in the sky while fields of bubbles emanate from the rocket.

New Toys, New Adventures Outside

With these new toys, you can expect to see your children playing outside and enjoying the weather. It certainly breaks the mold of sitting inside and playing video games! To find a great home where children can play comfortably outside, search our current listings:

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