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Small Luxuries You Need for Your Luxury Home

Even a luxurious new home can use a few improvements, and there are some great technological advancements that can make your home more enjoyable. These small luxuries provide you with more control over your home and ensure that it’s even more luxurious. Here’s what you should add to your humble or custom home to make it even better:

Nest Thermostat
by Green Energy Futures

Better Temperature Control

The Nest is one of the best ways to control the temperature in your home. Easy to understand and control, it’s the next generation thermostat. This smart thermostat learns your habits and automatically handles the adjustments. Controlling it as easy as turning a dial, so you can say good-bye to confusing digital thermostats while still reaping the benefits.

Full Home Control with Senzo

Interface your mobile phone and Internet with easy-to-control light switches with help from Senzo. This smart system will automatically turn off lights, provide night lights, connect with home security, and help you save money. Wireless sensors are used to make this system more efficient for lights, alarms and even smoke detectors. It helps you reduce energy use while avoiding waste.

Automated Light Control

Lutron provides property owners with a better way to control the lighting throughout their property. They offer a clever light switch that features the floor plan to your home. You can see at a glance if lights are on in another party of the home and shut them down from this centralized switch.

Find a Luxury Home that Fits Your Needs

Reach the Perfect Temperature for Wine

You don’t have to buy a wine cellar to keep your favorite drink at the perfect temperature. Wine refrigerators are available in all types of sizes and designs. Choose one that fits under your counter for a seamless look, or add one to the family room with your wet bar. With a wine refrigerator, you can rest assured that your wine will be chilled to the perfect temperature.

Embrace Comfort

A luxurious home is extremely comfortable, and you can bring that same high level of comfort to your home. Spend a few extra dollars for plush towels and then hang them on a heated towel bar. Use plump throw pillows on the couch and chair. Put luxurious quilts and extra pillows on your bed to make your room feel more intimate. These simple changes don’t have to cost a small fortune, and you’ll love how luxurious they make the home feel.

Take Care with Storage

A closet that has neatly organized linens and supplies looks functional, but it’s lacking something. Use attractive baskets and storage bins whenever possible to make the home more attractive. With this simple change, you can take your home from functional and inviting to luxurious and impressive.

Getting Luxurious with Your Luxury Home

Whether you choose upgrades that allow you more control and help you save money or just look nice, you’ll love having a home that’s more luxurious. You don’t have to spend money buying a home that’s larger and more impressive because you can make it better by investing in a few small items. Sometimes, it’s the little luxuries that make the biggest difference, and you’ll feel the difference when you add these luxurious additions to your home.

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