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Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Garage

Organizing the garage in any home is one of the bigger selling points of a home itself. A garage is almost always a must-have and keeping the space organized and clean will allow buyers to fully realize how much they can utilize this room. Organizing the garage or installing simple shelving and hooks is a fantastic way to increase the value of your home without spending a ton of money. With each of these pointers, your home is going to be easier to live in and more valuable at the same time.

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Maximize Space

Shelving in the garage is often the best way to maximize the use of space since there usually is not a lot to work with. Make your focus in the garage about moving items off of the floor. Open shelving allows for this along with ample space for toys, tools or whatever else you decide to store here. This creates the illusion of more space for cars, lawnmowers or other larger items. Also, the shelves can be labeled and organized to make it easier for the family to put all of their belongings in a place that they can easily find and reference.

Move On Up

In the spirit of moving upwards, larger items such as bicycles, scooters and sports accessories can be hung either from the ceiling (bikes) or the wall. There are several heavy duty hooks and hanging systems created specifically for bikes in order to properly care for them. Athletic items such as lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets, golf clubs or golf bags are all items that can benefit from these organizational hanging systems. Rakes, weed whackers, shovels, brooms and other lawn care tools are fantastic items to hang on the wall instead of shoved in a corner collecting dust.

Workshop Cabinetry

When the family uses the garage as a workshop, they will find that it is much easier for them to put in cabinetry equipped with a workspace. The cabinetry can come complete with a countertop. These cabinets keep storage and projects contained to the corners or sides of the garage in order to keep ample parking space. Keep in mind with cabinets though when you are selling your home to keep them tidy and free of clutter. Buyers will open cabinets and when they are chock full of stuff they cannot appreciate the potential space.

When organizing the garage is an important part of organizing the home, a combination of the items listed above is actually going to be the best approach for the homeowner who wants to organize their garage and increase their home’s value. The garage is not as important to most as the living room, kitchen or master bathroom for example, but it is a utilitarian space that needs to be exactly that: useful. Without proper organization and room for storage your garage may not be as appealing to buyers. If you work to implement a few of our suggestions the space will drastically improve for both you and incoming buyers.

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