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    Tips For Selling Your Home This Fall

    Many real estate experts will say that if you want to sell your home quickly, and for a reasonable price, you should try to sell your home during the spring. But you can’t always schedule when you want to place your home on the market. If you need to sell your Columbus area home during the fall, there are a few things you can do to bring more attention to your property. Home sales may go down slightly once fall weather arrives, however it is still possible to gain reasonable offers from potential buyers and sell your home within a short amount of time.

    Photo by, Andrea44 via Flickr
    Photo by, Andrea44 via Flickr

    Decorate Your Home for the Season

    Autumn triggers many childhood memories such as trick or treating, warm food and heading indoors and away from the cold. Decorating your home for the fall season can help to give it a cozy atmosphere that is welcoming to potential buyers. During a showing, you may want to consider preparing warm apple cider or fresh baked cookies for buyers. Not only will they appreciate the refreshments, but it will help the interested buyers feel more at home.

    Keep your Front Lawn Well-Maintained

    During the fall it is fine to have a few colorful leaves lying around in the yard. But it is important you keep the property looking as clean and tidy as possible. Be sure to clear all walkways of fallen leaves and debris. Add a few easily maintained mums or other fall blooms to your yard or around the front door for a pop of color. You may also want to place pumpkins on your front porch or a tasteful wreath on the front door.

    Improve the Lighting

    The fall season means cooler weather and shorter days. Therefore you will need to have more interior lighting than usual when you are showing your home in the fall. Keep the blinds open and turn on all the lights when you know a potential buyer is planning to stop by. You may want to add brighter bulbs or additional lamps throughout the home in order to improve the overall lighting. Outdoor lights can also be very helpful especially for late evening showings. Consider adding patio lights or solar powered lights along the outdoor walkways.

    Place Spring or Summer Home Photos on Display

    Many interested buyers may want to see how the home looks during the warm weather seasons as well. If you have pictures of your home with fresh spring flowers or a lush green summer lawn then you may want to display them throughout the house during your showing so that buyers can get an idea of what it is like to live in your property all through the year.


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