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Top Tech Home Trends in 2014

Major tech trends aren’t limited to smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices. Developers are taking it up a notch by creating technological upgrades for homeowners to enjoy. As an up-and-coming city in the tech market, Columbus is a prime location for homeowners to add these latest home trends to increase the value and marketability of their homes.

New Home Technology Trends

Home Safety

Programmable thermostats and climate control systems such as Nest have been around for a while. However, Nest is unique in that it offers smoke detectors that can also integrate with the existing wireless communication systems with the homeowner. The homeowner can be alerted by phone anywhere at any time that the smoke detector is sounding.

Smart Security

Who hasn’t left home wondering whether or not they locked the door? With the Lockitron, homeowners can lock their home and garage doors with a touch on their smart phone screens. This can bring peace of mind to anyone who’s ever had to stop what they were doing and leave to go back home and check the door.

Power Management Systems

Call them green, eco-friendly or just plain smart, power management systems are key to helping homeowners conserve energy, reduce electricity and natural gas consumption and reduce their carbon footprints without sacrificing comfort. Power management systems are integrated with the utility service ports to power down appliances during periods of high consumer demand. Built-in timers ensure that systems such as water heaters aren’t wasting electricity when hot water isn’t needed. Solar panels installed onto the home’s roof provide power and can even feed the grid when all the electricity isn’t needed for use within the home.

Smart Entertainment

Residents of Columbus and all of Ohio for that matter usually want to see their Ohio State Buckeyes on their television screen every Saturday in the fall. The latest in home entertainment tech trends include screens which lift up and fold away when not in use. Projectors and speakers are small and hidden yet deliver the powerful sounds that homeowners are used to enjoying. Walls with acoustic treatments and cabinets that carefully hide wiring and provide storage complete the room. Take your game day watching experience to a whole new level on Saturdays without drastically changing the look of your living space.

Total Home Integration

The latest home integration systems allow the owner to access major components such as the heating and air conditioning system, audio, home security system, lights and media all from a touchscreen. Screens are placed around the home or remotely on your phone or tablet. This sort of integration allows a homeowner to open the front gate for guests while fixing dinner or turn the music down from anywhere in your home.

A home that incorporates one or more tech trends will stand out from the competition. Today’s young first-time homeowners are tech savvy and used to living with technology. These tech features are soon to become tech standards in the home and it will definitely add to the flair of your home to incorporate them.

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