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    When to Know You Have Outgrown Your Home

    Whether you’ve simply grown a bit tired of not having the office or den you’ve always wanted or you’re at the point where you’re tripping over the kids’ toys, living in a home that is lacking the space you require is not a lot of fun. Let’s explore how you can determine whether or not you’ve outgrown your current home and if it’s perhaps time to consider an upgrade to a larger, nicer house.

    When to Know You Have Outgrown Your Home

    Determining if It’s Time to Move On

    As with any major, life-changing decision, the one to make a move to a bigger home is one that will require some thought. A few of the many questions that are likely racing through your mind:

    Can I Afford a Bigger House? – Cost and affordability are prime considerations. Depending on how much space you need, you could end up investing quite a bit more in your monthly mortgage payments than you’re accustomed to. On the plus side, today’s market means that you can generally get a deal on a larger home, especially if you’re willing to invest in renovations.

    Will This Enhance My Family Members’ Lives? – The opportunity to move to a bigger home or one that is in a nicer community is one that your entire family will enjoy. Consider how it will enhance your life, your spouse or partner’s life, and those of your children should you have any. Be sure to determine if there are any particular amenities that you have been longing to have access to, as this will be your chance to move closer to them.

    Where Would I Like to Live? – This is likely the most important question you’ll have to answer. Since virtually every neighborhood will feature homes for sale that are larger than your current home, the community itself becomes a much larger part of the overall discussion. Where do you want to live? Do you want to remain in Columbus, or move outside of the city once you sell?

    In short: moving is a big decision, and it’s one that should be pondered carefully. Once you’ve sold your old home there’s quite literally no going back, so playing out the many scenarios in your head will help solidify your options.

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    The Good News: the Time is Right

    As confirmed by the April 2014 edition of the Central Ohio Housing Report, now is an excellent time to sell your home if you’re considering an upgrade. Median home prices rose 9.3% over the same period last year, and the average sale price was up 7.7% over the same period. Buyers are making purchases, and the summer is always a good time to list and stage a home for sale.

    When you’re ready to sell your home, we’re ready to help you place it on the market and introduce you to serious buyers that are ready to make an offer. Contact The Raines Group today and let our sales experts show you why we’re one of the most trusted home selling teams in the Columbus area. For more information about the home sales process, be sure to download our Home Seller eBook by clicking here.

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