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Highland Lakes in Westerville, OH

Westerville, Ohio is home to the luxurious neighborhood of Highland lakes. People love choosing Westerville as their home destination because of its small town charm — and Highland Lakes complements that theme. The close-knit community loves hosting events together, celebrating holidays with one another, and welcoming new homeowners. Children are often playing together and family members routinely gather for house warming parties. Here’s what Highland Lakes has to offer:

Highland Lakes Westerville OH

Highland Lakes Real Estate

Highland Lakes real estate consists of spacious and beautiful single-family homes. It is ideal for those who enjoy a warm and safe environment or community for their family. Homes typically offer 3-5 bedrooms, over-sized bathrooms, a modern kitchen, formal dining area, and living areas for family fun. Every home has a unique and creative layout. With thorough search on the market, there is surely a layout that will suit everyone’s style and personality. Some homes include a lanai for relaxing or any other activity. An open back yard is also included and can be used for pets, family gatherings, or other fun activities for family and friends. Moreover, many of the homes have gorgeous views.

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Schools Near Highland Lakes

Westerville, Ohio offers great schools for children and some of the schools are located within walking distance from several neighborhoods. Westerville Central High School, Blendon Middle School, and Mark Twain Elementary are just a few of the available public schools but there are many others. Residents even have the option of enrolling their child into a private school of their choice, such as North Side Christian School and Genoa Christian Academy, just to name a few.

Local Amenities

Westerville offers a plethora of local amenities, which include but are not limited to parks–some parks are walking distance from the homes. Other amenities are gym, museums, art gallery, colleges and universities, gardens, and a recreational building. This city also has delicious restaurants to choose from, such as Cluckers House of Wings, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and many other tasty restaurants.

Westerville may be a small town but there are lots to do. Shopping is popular, and there are a number of available interesting shops: A Gal Names Cinda Lou, Costco, Dancewear Too, and many more. Miller Gallery is another place where Westerville residents may attend to see various artists. If you love history then the Hanby House may be the place to visit for you. Although there are lots to do in the community, Columbus is only ten miles away if one feels the need to engage in more activities beyond Westerville.

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