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Worthington Hills in Columbus, OH

Most people looking for a home would love to experience luxurious amenities within the community they will reside in. However most individuals cannot afford to live in an amazing community such as this. Fortunately Worthington Hills in Columbus, OH allows for individuals of various economic statuses to enjoy a high end luxurious residential experience at affordable prices for most potential home buyers. Worthington Hills is indeed a premier place in the state of Ohio for potential home buyers to invest in a wonderful property.

Worthington Hills Columbus OH

What Worthington Hills Offers Residents

Worthington Hills offers its residents some of the best amenities in the region. Within walking distance residents can take part in the fun and enjoyment of the Worthington Hills Country Club. It is here that residents can take part in social, dining, and recreational opportunities suited for the entire family. Residents can enjoy golf, tennis, and swimming as fun physical activities to partake in. And if physical fitness is a desire of some residents, this country club offers state of the art fitness facility geared to help residents attain and maintain good physical fitness.

A kids zone is available for children 8 and older to experience their or brand of fun and excitement. There are also junior programs for kids to learn tennis, golf, swimming and physical fitness exercises geared towards their age group. The country club also offers parents childcare services. Parents can enjoy the fullness of the club while their children are provided with excellent and diligent childcare service.

There is so much that the Worthington Hills community offers to its residents. With all that is available within this beautiful community, residents will have a tough time finding a reason to leave from within its confines.

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Homes in Worthington Hills

Homes in Worhtington Hills are beautifully designed, spacious and priced for the average American family to afford. Homes are known for their spacious bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and living room/dining room quarters perfect for entertaining guests. Some homes feature a birds eye view of the beautifully sculptured golf course giving homes an even more luxurious feel.

Potential home buyers will be hard pressed to find beautiful homes with luxurious amenities all for an affordable price fit for the average American family. Worthington Hills in Columbus, OH is indeed the cream of the crop regarding the best that Ohio has to offer.

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