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Five Tips for Choosing the Best Floor Plan

Planning a new home is one of the most rewarding times of your life. If you are considering building a new home, there is a lot to consider before you break ground. You need to look every aspect of your lifestyle and make sure you plan accordingly. Here are five things to think about when you are planning a new home.

Photo by Steve Bennett
Photo by Steve Bennett

Know What You Can Afford

The most important part of choosing a home design is to make sure it fits your budget. Start by getting a list of recently built homes in the New Albany and Westerville areas and get an idea of their approximate values. Find a local contractor and ask him to determine what comparable homes would cost to build. From there, you can adjust size and features to fit within your budget.

How Big Should Your House Be?

The next thing to consider is home size. Some people are happiest when they have lots of room to spread out while other people are content in smaller, cozier houses. Do you have or are you planning to have children? Figure out how many bedrooms you will need. If you entertain regularly, think about extra bedrooms and baths.

Consult Your Realtor

Your real estate agent will have a lot of information to help you decide on your design. They are experts about the areas they work in. They will be able to tell you what energy costs are like, what the local school options are and what sorts of amenities are near New Albany and Westerville.

Make Sure Your Home is Compatible with the Area

Look around Westerville and New Albany to see what construction types are popular. You don’t want the home that becomes the ‘sore thumb’ of the neighborhood. If you want a large back yard or a split-level home, look for areas that have comparable styles. Building a home similar to the rest in the area keeps neighborhoods looking uniform, which helps keep property values up.

Make Sure Your Design Fits Your Decorating Style

Evaluate the themes behind your favorite home decor and choose a floor plan that will build on those themes. If you like modern styles and open floor plans, imagine how everything will flow from space to space. If you are more traditional in your decorating styles, more separation between rooms might be in order.

Understand that no floor plan is absolutely perfect – there will always be a sticking point somewhere, whether it’s the inefficiency of the gorgeous bay windows or the fact that your office is right next to your noisy teenager’s bedroom. Keep in mind that floor plans can be modified. Listen to your instincts when you are touring model homes. They will tell you when something ‘feels like home.’ Don’t make decisions based on the carpet color or the fancy trim. Focus on the overall design of the house. Weigh all your options carefully and enjoy shopping for a new home!

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