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Dublin Real Estate

Dublin, Ohio is located in the counties and boundaries of northwest Franklin, southwest Delaware and Union. The median age of newer homes in Dublin is about 10 years old. There are a vast variety of single family homes and condominiums in all sizes, styles and price ranges.¬†Dublin is a beautiful city with suburban neighborhoods that are sophisticated and historic communities. Many of Dublin’s vast popular neighborhoods are sprawling suburbs named Coventry Woods, Ballantrae, Earlington Village, Muirfield Village, Waterford Village, Indian Run Meadows, Belvedere, Amberleigh and Campden Lakes.

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Attractions and Fun:

Dublin’s downtown charm includes award winning educational institutions, growing commerce and the fast food chain of Wendy and its corporate offices. Dublin attractions also include the world famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Field of Giant Corn Ears. Dublin has the distinction of being named one of the best places to move to in America, best suburban/small city to start a business and to live in, as well as one of the top seven intelligent communities.

Its cost of living median is almost 25% higher than the national average. The northwest neighborhood of Dublin contains its Irish historic heritage, yet it does hold modern structures and lifestyles. Other Dublin communities are linked by I-270 and Riverside Drive or Route 33. It is a busy and friendly city whose neighborhoods are safe and socially exciting.

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Dublin History:

Dublin has been recognized as a visionary city who is currently developing future growth plans. Dublin’s rich history includes American Indians as its first inhabitants, its involvement in the Revolutionary War and it became a wild west town. Since its incorporation in 1987, Dublin has evolved from a little rural village into one of America’s top economically prosperous cities. Its growth was spurred by the construction of the I-270 and this Interstate is still having an impact on its future.

Dublin’s Growth and Redevelopment:

The Bridge Street redevelopment prospectus is a two year old plan for continued suburban, residential, commercial and cultural growth. The Bridge Street District will be constructed with a new pedestrian bridge, linking it to Dublin’s Scioto riverfront park on the east and the Historic District on the west side.

The pedestrian bridge construction will greatly expand the richness of Dublin’s downtown community. Urban and suburban communities will marry with advanced infrastructures for the next generation of new Dublin developments. This redevelopment expansion will also include the Metro Office District which is home to advanced Wi-Fi technology, fiber optic infrastructures and high tier data centers.

The Perimeter Commerce District is also a part of Dublin’s growth, with its retail, office, restaurant and medical service expansions. Dublin, Ohio provides its residential and corporate residents attractive living accommodations, high tech corporate growth and a healthy, lively community lifestyle. Dublin houses over 40,000 residents and is the city of today and tomorrow for a generation who will be a leading example of urban and suburban growth for businesses and families alike.