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Local Guide: Hilliard, OH & Real Estate

Hilliard, Ohio is located in the center of the state with easy access to Columbus. Hilliard is a beautiful small town with a small community atmosphere that extends a hearty welcome to everyone. It is a town that is advanced in green technology and practices, and the town continues its drive toward excellence in green practices.

Hilliard OH Real Estate

Hilliard – Great City, Small Town Atmosphere

Driving down the main street will make one believe they are in that small home town that still beckons people to come and enjoy a quiet life, but also a life that is as active as they want their life to be. Many of the buildings in town are reminiscent of the small towns that built functional and beautiful historic homes. Hospitals and acute care facilities are close by, so there is no need to travel a long distance to seek high quality medical care. Higher education and trade schools are also located nearby. Ohio State University is also an easy drive. Nearly every religion has a church either in town or nearby. This is one town that can really be described as offering something for everyone.

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The Real Estate Market Is Attractive To The Buyer

The real estate market offers a variety of homes. Many homes have more square footage than you would expect at the price point they are being offered at. Nearly every home has at least three bedrooms and many have four bedrooms. The home prices range across the price scale so there is a home for every budget.

Many homes have large yards that are ideal for the gardeners or for people who choose not to live close to another home. The homes and the yard are well maintained because the town takes great pride in being an attractive place to live. Many homes have wonderful landscaping that would impress a landscape designer. All of the homes have a Midwestern appeal in the design, which means that they have utilized the materials that are found in the area and that give a great look to the home because of their natural beauty.

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