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Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

You have probably heard it – for sale by owner is the way to go if you want to cut the cost of a real estate agent. However, what most home sellers do not take into consideration are the significant disadvantages to selling their home without a real estate agent. By undertaking the monument task on their own, home sellers are ultimately far more unsuccessful than their counterparts whom have chosen to utilize a real estate agent. The task is especially more difficult for residents of New Albany, Ohio. As listing prices continue to increase, the services of real estate agents are becoming even more of a necessity. Here’s why you should use a real estate professional when selling your home:

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Professional Training & Expertise

In nearly all cases, homeowners need a certified and trained professional to undertake the home selling process. Real estate agents are individuals that undergo an extensive licensing process that provides them the ability to cater to the needs of homeowners. Their training includes negotiation skills, real estate issues, processes, and strategizing. Most homeowners fail to consider these necessary tactics when selling a home, which is why choosing to opt for, “for sale by owner” usually puts the home owner at a disadvantage.

Local Knowledge

A real estate agent’s professional experience and education provide them with the proper tools to tackle the home selling process. Real estate agents are able to procure you the best deal for your home by extensively researching the neighborhood, assessing listing prices, scoping out the potential buyers, and help you decide when the right moment is to sell your home. Those that default the real estate agent process and choose to sell the home on their own will overlook these factors when selling their home, and therefore they end up receiving a lower price for their home than they could have potentially earned. Homeowners need the knowledge and professional experience of a real estate agent to properly sell their home.

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While the concept of staging a home may seem easy to understand, the entire process actually takes background and expertise. Real estate agents are trained to know how to market a home to potential home buyers in the New Albany area. Thus, what may seem acceptable to you as you sell the home on your own is likely to turn home buyers away. This is not because your taste is bad, but because there is actually a method to staging and selling a home. For this reason, hiring a real estate agent can increase the chance that the home will be sold, and for the best price possible.


With the demands of family and work, chances are that you will find it extremely difficult to complete the extensive paper work, and as needed. It is common for individuals that sell their home on their own to make mistakes on the forms that result in hundreds of dollars in fees. Therefore, hiring a real estate agent can save you time, energy, and perhaps costly fees, as they are highly experienced in taking care of all the necessary forms.

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In sum, hiring a real estate agent is the best decision that you can make for your home, yourself, and your wallet. Those that hire real estate agents have a higher chance of selling their home, earn more when selling, and save themselves time and energy. In sum, a real estate agent makes the home selling process much easier and simpler and is highly recommended for individuals who want to make the best choice when selling their property.

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